Hard Hat Fun

Working in social media can always lead to unexpected assignments landing on your desk.

This time someone needed a few hard hats from The Beck Group decorated for an event. I’m not one to pass up random opportunities to be crafty, so I bought my first $12 glue gun from Hobby Lobby and got after it. 10 hours later, I had two hard hats that I think turned out pretty nice.

Some tips for the anyone who might want to decorate a hard hat…

Hats on Display
Hats on display at the new addition Beck Group construction site.
  • Don’t buy the $25 glue gun. It might look tempting, but you won’t need it.
  • If you are going to collage anything, use a thicker glossy paper like the extra invites I used. They’ll be able to handle the hot glue and the mod podge won’t make it soggy.
  • Don’t assume that stores sell certain colors of jewels separately. I learned that the hard way and spent hours going cross-eyed picking out orange and green in a sea of colors.
  • Start from one direction when bedazzling the helmet. Trying to meet half way will result in extra spacing.
  • Work in the light. This might be the perfect time to start binge watching True Detective or House of Cards. You are going to working for awhile 🙂

Here are the hats that I specifically designed for the art exhibition: