Allison Learns Art

Two years ago I taught myself graphic design. Thanks to my overpriced wifi connection and patient boyfriend,  I started down the path of being a somewhat successful designer who majored in Sociology and has a masters in Higher Education (what?). But I made a mistake –  I didn’t document my journey. Some might say my biggest mistake was not going to art school when I was 18 (I disagree with that completely). But two years ago, I wish I had really shown the process to others, to convey that learning something new and completely the opposite of your formal education is not an impossible venture. This time I’m not going to miss the opportunity to share. This is me learning ART.

Note:  It’s not just about learning the technical skills, but how the industry functions, terminology, hacks, trends, history, etc.

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My Message:

My message is that just because you didn’t go to art school, or design school it doesn’t mean you can’t make it in their world. The mind is a powerful thing and I hope to inspire others to start with a goal, learn as much you can (formally or online), and make it happen.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how new you are to something, but if you work hard you might just be able to cut it in a different or blended world.


I’m a little bit behind with covering it – I started the process 8 months ago. I’m also going about things a little bit differently because I decided to take a few classes at the Dallas Creative Arts Center just to get a few of the fundamentals taken care of. It was nice when I was learning graphic design because my tutorials and workspace were online and all I needed was my lap. Now I need a table, a drawing board, brushes, pencils, pens, and an even more patient boyfriend.

Disclaimer: The process of learning art or something new can be exceptionally difficult at times, I would never say that it’s easy. You might need some natural ability to draw or be creative, and you need to be a little crazy and fearless.  I’m not saying that graphic design isn’t art, because it definitely is.