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Digital Strategy In Action

Some highlights of my recent digital strategy work IRL at BuzzShift.

jack black grooming products social media facebook post

E-commerce & Product Design

Founder of Unicorn Bloodline; geek chic accessories shop. Advertised on Pinterest.

Graphic Design, Illustration, & Photography

Self-taught and self-motivated to dabble in the design world, and making things pretty.

University Curriculum & Teaching

Developed the first Digital Content Strategy undergrad course at Southern Methodist University.

Digital Strategy in Action

Some highlights of my recent strategy work IRL at BuzzShift.

Note: I work with amazing designers and paid media managers who amplify our strategy work. While I’m a creative and content strategist, every single post and success is a joint effort.

Jack Black Grooming Products

How do we get more young guys to become Jack Black guys? Give them a reason to shop (aspirational lifestyle shots), tell them what and why they need to buy – oh (best match ups and educational content), and keep it simple, please.

circa 2016-2018

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Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

Who is Which Wich? How do you order a sandwich? What are vibes? Educational content on what you can order and how to (it’s a little complicated) + food porn + animated emojis (aka vibes) gives this sandwich shop the upper hand with parents and their kids when it comes to fast causal on social media.

circa 2016-2018

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