A Collection: Really Awesome Pinterest Ads

A Pinterest PSA: Please do not just repurpose your Instagram strategy and ads for Pinterest. This channels is actually more like Google, analyzing trending keywords and offering instructive, inspiring, and artistic solutions to every day challenges. Create a Pinterest strategy.

Pinterest is my favorite social media / search engine and I will always advocate for it when it’s an appropriate and relevant channel for a specific audience or product. I’ve heard many people say that Pinterest isn’t worthy until there are conversion ads; and guess what friends? There are. Read about them here.

I’ve curated some of my favorite ads from the past four or five years. Check them out and be inspired 🙌.

Infographics & Downloadables

These brands, like Zola, really understands their audience (newly engaged), and play into their everyday pain points of wedding planning. With solid branding, easy-to-skim design, and helpful solutions (along with smart targeting – I’m not married, but I’m in my 30s, and I have searched for wedding and rings ☺️), they really have a solid awareness to conversion game plan on Pinterest.

Artistically Designed Resource

The New York Times has played into the Pinterest look hard. They’ve gotten me to read articles on happiness, yoga, and even childrearing (I don’t even have a kid yet and I read the entire piece 🤦‍♀️). They are also smart with their cross-channel ad strategy. With awareness / consideration content on Pinterest, they follow me to Instagram with conversion motion graphics tempting me to subscribe.

I do think they need to think about one ad more deeply (an old man running graphic isn’t really calling to me on Pinterest). I like to think there was some A/B testing going on in the NTY paid media brainstorm, challenging the notion that Pinterest ads need to have a more feminine look and feel due to their primarily female audience.

Inspirational Food Shopping

The last thing I want to do is go to the grocery store. But I do like to spice up my meals, even if that means going on a food run during lunch for a few ingredients. I opt for stores like Trader Joes and Sprouts, smaller in size and also in portions. But I have to hand it to Whole Foods for leveraging Pinterest for meal prep, knowledge of produce, and recipe inspiration on a channel where people share their experience and photos attached to helpful pins.

The Runner Up Brands on Pinterest

Here are more Pinterest ads that had more than 10K pins, comments, and photos attached.

Pinterest Advertising Success 101

Remember, the ways to succeed on Pinterest:

  1. First knowing if your audience is even on Pinterest
  2. What they are searching for; questions, solutions, needs, fashion, direction, inspiration, knowledge, recipes, how-tos, or gift ideas.
  3. What type of design do they like? There are many different tastes on Pinterest – aspirational, relatable, blogger, artsy, craftsy, editorial, etc.
  4. What action do you want them to take, and when and how are you going to ask them to take it.
  5. How does your Pinterest ad strategy and targeting tie into your other channels, and other business objectives? How are you going to prove worth on Pinterest, and how will you track growth?

Have fun and let me know what you think 💁‍♀️🔥